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About Us

ORION 21 Ltd. was established in 2007. We have started our security business and gained wide range experiences in security business with consultancy and installation of security, access control and CCTV systems. In the last years the company has specialized for the physical protection of high-risk location and objects and in a field of ​​the security business to provide outstanding services.

Nowadays, the counterterrorism has emphasized the importance, especially in locations with higher security risks. Our main aim is to provide a complete solution to our clients with the help of services and the appropriately qualified anti-terrorist countermeasures according to requirements of the present age. The products that we market to guarantee an extensive way such as special rising bollards, the under vehicle scanner and street furniture which are qualified.

We are creating our systems with the help of our partners using the high quality rising bollards and road blockers produced by the Italian PILOMAT s.r.l. and the under vehicle scanner system of SecuScan. 

In the third quarter of 2012 we have started the importation of the professional Eneo and Videotec CCTV products, which are distributed via our wholeseler partners. Comprehensive technical support for these systems is provided by Orion 21 Ltd. 

Our further partner, the British Marshalls company have combined the design and the protection. Due to this, they produce street furnitures which can be qualified as anti-terrorist countermeasures, while they perfectly blend into the modern city environment.

Such tools like

  • benches,
  • planters,
  • litter bins,
  • cycles stands
  • unique bollards,

which provide the public places and buildings unobtrusively protection but enhance the quality landscape.

We provide wide range of services and support for security installer and general constructor companies from the designing and installation until the maintenance and repair of the systems.


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